*All specifications are highly customizable according to the needs and requirements of the project


We have partnered with SUNBEAM GENERATORS PVT. LTD. for the supply of transit mixers, to provide our customers a complete Rail-Transit Mixing solutions.

On-Track Concrete Mixer in Rail for Mast Setup and Related Works

Indian Railways are in an effort to bring all of the rail lines under the OHE (overhead electrification) system. Most of the new railings are made with overhead lines. Mast setup or installation is one of the important tasks of the OHE process. Masts are the vertical beams that have to be placed on sides of rail lines to support the overhead equipment. These masts are inserted into holes drilled on the sides and are concreted to assure the strength when they are erected. But the concrete that is carried to the worksite from a distant place get segregated and is one of the problems faced by the contractors. Premnath Rail helps the contractors to overcome this challenge with RRVs that carry concrete mixer in rail.

We have developed the concrete mixer to carry in RRVs along with the cement, aggregate, and water for volumetric mixing right at the site. This helps the contractors to produce only the required amount of concrete for each of the batches. The process minimizes the involvement of manual labour to the rock bottom level and prevents the wastage of the raw concrete ingredients. The concrete made right at the work site assure maximum perfection and strength for the masts and beams.

All of our transit mixer railways come with advanced features and specifications that are highly customizable as per the unique requirements of each of the projects. We provide a demo of the concrete mixer to test the functional efficiency before placing the final order.

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