*All specifications are highly customizable according to the needs and requirements of the project


Premnath Rail Providing OHE Mast Erection with Extra Perfection, Safety, and Strength

OHE projects by nature always bring several challenges for the contractor. There are no margins for errors and compromise on quality since efficiency is so important for the success of the project. One of the challenges includes the installation of ohe mast. It includes the augering, strong foundation for fixing, and mast erection. Premnath Rail has rich experience in working with the reputed OHE contractors of the country by proving the best solutions for mast installation and erection.

OHE mast is a vertical post rigidly fixed in the foundation in a vertical position to provide support for the overhead equipment with cantilever assembly. We provide the advanced RRVs to handle a complete range of services to mast erection. Wet concrete products are so important for making the foundation for the mast. But lengthy travel distance makes the concrete to segregate. Premnath Rail helps you overcome this challenge by providing RRVs with state-of-the-art on-track volumetric mixer. This is capable of dispensing concrete mixes whenever needed right at the job sites.

We provide sufficient numbers of RRVs to carry mast and hydraulic crane for mast erection without tiring, time-consuming, and dangerous tasks from manual labour. Advanced solutions from Premnath Rail are highly customizable to match the exact requirement of the projects to assure extra perfection, safety, and strength for mast erection.

We provide a demo of all of the solutions to help the contractors to check the functional excellence, features, and efficiency. We welcome the reputed contractors and companies engaged in ohe mast for railway electrification to discuss the project.

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